The brilliance of Walter Lewin

I did the first video of MIT’s 8.01 classical mechanics with my two sons, 11, and 14.  It was interesting to see how much of a bridge was needed with both.  I think they both got the orders of magnitude video–linked here Powers of 10–but my younger son had some difficulty with the algebra, exponents, and ratios.  They both got a general understanding, which was nice, but the one in accelerated algebra I did much better.  I can’t wait until we get episodes of calculus.  We are going to do either chemistry from UCD or biology from MIT next.

I’m beginning to formulate a plan of attack.  What I want to do is link the math in the video to the Khan Academy or corresponding MIT math class to help in understanding, and some of the biology sidebars–femur strength versus size of mammal–to biology and geometry lessons.  8.01 lecture 1.  More to follow.


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